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Food Matters

Other issues around food. Why it's important. Comments, arguments and debates.

483 8922 Local park
Current Issues

The place for a lively debate on a current issue in the news.

233 5664
River Cottage Australia

This is your one-stop forum for everything Australian. The new TV series, exclusive to The LifeStyle Channel on Foxtel, will debut on Thursday 27 June, 2013. In the eight-parter, Hugh will hand the River Cottage baton to an Australian counterpart – form

11 35 Welcome to the new Aussie forum!


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Fruit and Vegetables

All things to do with fruit, vegetables and herbs.... planning, sowing, propagating, growing, planting, pruning, picking, hardening off, varieties, sources of seed.....

4379 33634 English apple and pear varieties for dehydrating?
Managing The Land

Everything about looking after the land..... hedgelaying, stockproofing, creating and managing meadows, when to cut, creating a pond.......

1478 13263 HELP !!

Everything to do with our feathered friends.....getting started with chickens, shelters, feed, varieties and general advice..........

7456 49067 Looking for chicken boarding service

All matters porcine.....starting up with pigs, keeping them, choosing a breed, shelter, food, problems and advice.....

3306 27388 What to do with a boar gone too big
Other Livestock

Cows, sheep, goats, and all other animals.....starting up with, keeping, choosing, housing, feeding.....

2439 19605 Goats in Shetland?
Wild Food and The Marine Larder

Where to forage, hedgerow greens and herbs, where to fish, hunting and shooting, catching shellfish, skinning rabbits.....

2903 30255 Liqueur from spring shoots
Processing and Other Crafts

Turning your resources into something else.....meat curing, sausage making, brewing, making chutney, building a smoker, weaving and dyeing, ......

3295 28878 To make a cider press ?


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Seasonal Recipes

Anything to do with the fun part, eating and drinking. Comments on Hugh's recipes, plenty of your own.

615 3779 hot beetroot and tomoto soup (had last friday at river cottage hq recipe please
What's Good Now and What Can I Be Doing

What's in season, what's happening in nature, what are people making the most of currently. Seasonal opportunities....what can i be planting out now, harvesting, seasonal fishing and hedgerow feasts....

62 1030 Ow d'you rate this then ?

The River Cottage Community

Title Topics Replies Last Post

What's on. Hugh's stuff, other interesting events and happenings. When and where things we like are on - anything from TV showings or food festivals to book signings or farmers markets.

261 695 The Royal Welsh Agricultural Show
The Road To River Cottage

What do you think of Hugh's steps? Where are you on the road?

345 4444 Boodaville is further down the road - see our latest and best video
River Cottage Farmers Market

Want to buy, sell or give away any poultry, pigs or other livestock, Got a glut of eggs or half a pig to sell? Know how to service a tractor? Looking for an experienced hedgelayer or a man with a mole plough? - Advertise them here

5462 10776 Torwen Badgerface Welsh Mountain ewe lambs, Derbyshire
The Seed Exchange

Request or offer seeds for swapping

22 145 British Produce Swap

The place for River Cottage related chat that doesnt fit elsewhere

5287 118214 5 - LETTER SCRABBLE

A section for reviews. Please add your reviews to the relevant thread. You can add your own too - ie. Books, food products - it's up to you.

119 835 Winchester Canteen
Introduce Yourself

Please use this forum to introduce yourself to the community. Only one post each please.

48 216 Hi

The River Cottage Directory

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Hugh's Bookmarks

Comments on Hugh's links, suggestions of your own links and other resources that might be useful.

221 1218 Primitive living links
Where to Eat...

Have you found somewhere with wonderful seafood, fantastic local produce, perhaps a cafe with something different? Let us all know...

293 957 Trebarwith Strand
Where to Find Great Produce...

Have you found a great supplier of excellent produce? Somewhere selling unusual fruit and vegetables, or a tasty local beer? Let the forum know of anywhere you rate

361 1222 Organic meat/chicken Manchester
Where to Find....

...just about anything else. Know where to find the parts for a homemade smoker, an unusual chicken house, secondhand meat slicers? Here's the place to let us know

414 2142 Outside oven
How to....

A series of How to do ….anything River Cottage related.

251 2147 Fishing Trips in Alaska
Grow Your Own

The place to chat about Landshare, Rocket Gardens and growing your produce.

90 1279 Kelsae onion
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  • Remember, for all new Hugh videos and #Leftovers recipes, check out: link link
  • RT @WoollyDragon: @swanocean @rivercottage - What is a 'cake leftover'?
  • Lovely chatting and don't be frightened of #leftovers - some of the finest ingredients we have. Love them and they will love you back.
  • . @sarahsyogaMK @swanocean ... one they will never resolve. I usually make it without but a trickle of jam + booze over the cake works well.
  • . @engcountrylife Let's not fall out over parsnips. Best option is tapered - thick at one end and pointy at the other. Best of all worlds.
  • .@BoomingEncore Turkey satay on pg 288 is a winner, also turkey tagine pg 286 & of course anything you might do with chicken
  • . @TheUniFoodie Not necessarily longer but cooked meat and fish resets the start button, if you like, so you can keep for a few more days.
  • . @TheUniFoodie Use by dates are a guide not an absolute. We should still use our own senses and intelligence to assess if the food is good.
  • . @rob_francis @Recipesque I bet she'll like my parsnip and ginger steamed pudding from the book... It might save your marriage.
  • . @swanocean Quite a lot! Variations on the theme of trifle being a good option. Pg 59-60 in the book...
  • . @Stowej Ah! Sure I can find an excuse to come out your way soon too.
  • .@chisholmjustin you do need help! Never heard of tinned smoked salmon, but maybe eat it on the pizza? I've never cooked a stork!
  • . @Recipesque don't get a divorce, put some in the pie. Cut the rest long and thin and roast in a little hot oil until crispy and chewy.
  • . @Worcs_Forager Yes it can, but thoroughly, i.e frazzled until super crispy or heated right through in a sauce #Leftovers
  • .@Recipesque we all do that all the time don't we! Seriously, I think you should eat animals you know have lived a contented & natural life
  • . @MadeleineFeeny Wow, what a concept! I add bacon to stews + pasta sauces. Gives depth of flavour and the fat keeps other meats moist.
  • .@HeatherVipers reckon it would make a great base for a beefy stew or freeze in small batches to add to shepherd's pies, stews etc later
  • . @Stowej I may be coming your way before too long, at the invitation of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, based near you.
  • .@TheSnapery slow cooking joints, shoulders of lamb, shins of beef, great for stews, curries, pies, pasties- full of intense meaty flavour
  • . @feakins25 I often do, when I have a lot (e.g spit roast). I always recook thoroughly after defrosting, rather than using in cold dishes.
  • .@LydiaBrammer when it has meat in it I'd call it a hash, lots of ideas in the book, spicy beef p92, lamb couscous p80, pork hash p50
  • . @LisaHillie not a companion show but will be looking at food waste issues in a new show on BBC1 in a few weeks time...
  • .@worshipsGBarlow we had a fab day with Gary, but you won't be seeing any more than our tweets I'm afraid!
  • . @Stowej Thanks! If you think we've past lemonade weather, try making salted preserved lemons - thrifty peel version on pg 268 of the book.
  • .@jono_paynter familiar problem! Strip meat off the bone & freeze in batches, can be added to stews, curries or fried up with spices
  • . @jo_jowalker98 Yours sounds great. Chicken fricassee is my mum's classic. Chicken and chorizo stew, in the book, is a new family fav.
  • .@LisaHillie A good stock only needs a few shredded veg & pasta or rice to be a brilliant broth, see pg 30-31 for broth wisdom #leftovers
  • . @nicoleandries Be cautious with rice, see previous tweets. Lots of good ideas in the book, Egg-fried rice pg 196 or Ricey pancake pg 198.
  • .@harriet_grose it's best with fine coffee grounds and they do need to be dried and well rubbed in #leftovers
  • . @Nicholls_Ali Best example is Shepherd's Pie after the roast lamb, always been my favourite since I was a kid. Mum's is best of course (2)
  • . @Nicholls_Ali I always choose a roast joint too big for the first sitting, so I know there's plenty of good stuff ahead. (1)
  • .@Eveandherapple Tons of ideas in the book for stale bread and breadcrumbs, my fave the marmalade pudding pg 178
  • . @kmbsk80 Have been talking about that a lot and looking at the diary for next year. Hoping to come soon!
  • .@marigoldreading totes with you on the risotto! I also pick cold roast meats straight from the fridge, I especially love the jellied gravy!
  • . @elleransom Lots of ideas in the book; cheese straws and wafers, potted cheese, cheese gnocchi and a big cheese sauce. #Leftovers
  • . @stable_design Not much if you get there in time! Stale bread is fine but moldy bread needs to be chucked- as some molds can make you ill.
  • .@aliglossop The sense of adventure and never the same thing twice, it's very creative and nothing goes to waste.
  • . @ChrisWellbelove how about a sliced or mashed potato topping instead of the pastry? Or, add spices and beans for a Chilli con carne.
  • .@SeasonalFood I often eat cold fish, especially mackerel, bass, bream in salads with lentils, white fish better reheated in a spicy sauce
  • . @ChrisWellbelove Are we talking fruit or meat here? #Leftovers
  • .@Sh3psta If you reheat meat thoroughly- 72 degrees for at least 2 mins - it's safe. My stews can go on for days with new bits & bobs added
  • . @pnx2012 if your chicken is thoroughly roasted and cooled quickly, five days in a cold fridge (max 5 degrees) is fine. #Leftovers
  • .@msb_ingram if you are growing your own veg you can eat the stalks of carrots & roots of spinach & fennel & beetroot leaves for a start.
  • . @ellyouseewhy My rule is, cool rice quickly, fridge it and reheat thoroughly but once only #leftovers (2)
  • . @ellyouseewhy it's a can of worms, rice can ferment producing toxins that are not destroyed by heating... (1)
  • .@TessViljoen I use BPA free plastic boxes and tupperware that also goes in the freezer, I also now have a vac pack machine which is v handy
  • . @AdrianToner Same goes for veg, keep it separate. Get your #Leftovers in the fridge as soon as you know they are leftover...
  • . @AdrianToner Cooked Meat needs to be well sealed separately from other ingredients, so you can reunite it with salad etc in your lunchbox.